ADAPTER For XCMG Excavator:

XE135B, XE135D, XE150D, XE15U, XE200C, XE200DA, XE215C, XE215CLL, XE215D, XE225CA, XE235C, XE240D, XE260CLL, XE265C, XE270DK, XE305D, XE335C, XE35U, XE370CA, XE370D, XE390D, XE40, XE470C, XE470CK, XE470D, XE490CH, XE490CK, XE490D, XE500CA, XE55DA, XE60CA, XE60D, XE65CA, XE700C, XE700D, XE75D, XE80C, XE80D, XE85C, XE85D, XE900C, XE900D, XE35U(CE), XE60C(CE), XE75D(CE), XE150DA(CE), XE210C(CE), XE250C(CE), XE300C(CE), XE370CB(CE), XE500D(CE), XE700D(CE), XE900D(CE), XE60WA, XE150WB, XE210WB, XE60W, XE150W, XE210W, XE750D, XE950D, XE1250, XE1300C, XE2000, XE2800E, XE3000, XE4000, XE7000, XE7000E


LW160KV, LW300FV, LW400FV, LW400KV, LW600FV, LW600KV, LW700KV, LW800KN, LW900KN, LW1100KV, LW1200KN, LW1000KN, LW500D, LW700HV, LW500HV, LW180KV, LW300KV, LW500F, LW200KV, LW500FV, LW500KV, ZL50GV, LW500KV-LNG, LW600K-LNG, LW600K-CNG, LW800K-LNG, LW900KN-LNG, ZL50GN, LW600KN, LW400KN, LW300FN, LW500FN, LW200KN, LW300KN, ZL30G(CE), ZL40G(CE), ZL50G(CE), LW180K(CE), LW800KN(CE), LW1100KN(CE), XC870K, XC870HK, WZ30-25, XC740K, XC760K, XC770K

ADAPTER For XCMG Drilling Rig:

XR150D CFA, XR180D CFA, XR220D CFA, XRL100, XR120D, XR150DII, XR150DIII, XR180D, XR180DII, XR220D, XR220DII, XR260D, XR280D, XR280DII, XR320D, XR360, XR400D, XR400E, XR460D, XRS1050, XR150DII(CE), XR180D(CE), XR220D(CE), XR280DII(CE), XR320D(CE), XR400D(CE), XR400E(CE), XR460D(CE)

XCMG ZD180A Adapter

XCMG ZD180A Adapter

The global supplier of XCMG ZD180A Adapter - XCMG Tooth System Adapter and many more...

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