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How is the Bucket Tooth Designed?
Usually the shape of the tooth determines
it's life and use. The design of each kind of tooth is effected mainly by three factors. Choosing the right tooth for your bucket will enable you to work more productively.
Wear Life:
Generally, wear life is obviously determined by the construction and the material of the tooth. The shape of the tooth determines how much wear surface comes in contact with the dirt or other material. The more wear surface a tooth has, the longer that tooth will last.
But teeth with a lot of surface area can make it more difficult for the bucket to power through hard, compacted ground. 
The ability to penetrate tough material, when it's tightly compacted, rocky or frozen. The best penetrating tooth is typically a sharp pointed end, often referred to as a Tiger Tooth. Teeth with high penetration are best suited to digging and trenching applications for they enable the bucket to penetrate material more easily.
How well the tooth stands up to penetrating shocks and high breakout forces. Teeth with high impact are most suitable for digging and trenching applications when using an excavator, backhoe or other
machine with high breakout force.
These are the factors that should be taken into consideration when designing a tooth, and they are also helpful for you to choose the most appropriate tooth for bucket.